Apicoectomy (Microsurgery) in Irvine & Riverside

Apicoectomy Irvine & Riverside

In most cases, root canal therapy is all that is needed to prevent extraction and save the tooth.

However, this procedure can sometimes fail, which in that case the endodontist recommend Apicoectomy (microsurgery).

This procedure is indicated when the surrounding tissue around the root fails to heal completely due to various reasons such as cystic formation, inflammatory resorption, root canal obstructions, anatomical complexities, and bacterial biofilm complexities.

Also, exploratory surgery may be needed to detect root fractures and evaluate defects that cannot be detected by dental radiographs.

What is Apicoectomy or Microsurgery?

After profound anesthesia of the affected area, incisions are made in the gum tissue in order to expose the bone and inflamed tissue. The damaged tissue is carefully removed and will be submitted for a biopsy (microscopic) evaluation. The end of the root tip will also be removed. After preparation of the root end using an ultrasonic machine, a special filling is placed to seal the root canal space.

Afterward, bone-grafting material along with a resorbable membrane will be placed in the affected area to stimulate normal healing and lower the possibility of scar tissue formation. The gum tissue is then placed back in its original place and multiple sutures are placed to hold it there. These sutures are usually removed a few days following the surgery.

There may be some discomfort and/or slight swelling of the area following treatment, which is very normal for any surgical procedure. Proper medications will be recommended for pain management and potential infection at the conclusion of the surgery. All patients will have access to Dr. Pourjamasb’s cell phone number in case of after hours questions or concerns.